Neil's 2000 Monte Carlo SS Pace Car, 1995 Z-28, and 1967 Impala


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Here is my Dyno graph from may 25th in Atlanta.


This was the first time I have ever been on a dyno. It was kinda cool. This printout shows my first and third pulls. The first was with the cutout closed, and the third was open. WOW! Was it ever loud in the building with the cutout open! I think the car does good with the number of miles on it (122,XXX on the dyno), and being bolt ons and roller rockers. With a 15% driveline loss i should be somewhere around 350 hp and 375ft-lbs at the crank, not bad for a car that came new with 275hp and 325 (or was it 335?) ft-lbs at the crank.

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