Neil's 2000 Monte Carlo SS Pace Car, 1995 Z-28, and 1967 Impala
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My Monte side-view, from the rear.

This page is just for my Pace Car Monte Carlo.

the rear-end!

My Monte Carlo SS Pace Car is number 1087 out of 2222 made in 2000. All the 2000 models were Torch Red. In 2001, the Pace Cars were Black, and I believe they made 1300 of them.
Chevrolet also offered a High Sport Appearance package for 2001, which came with the Pace Car spoiler, ground effects, exhaust, and wheels.

The front. Just imagine how I can Get it after I buy some Zaino!

Here are some pics of the front and rear of the car. Most people do not like the rear of the new Monte's, and I was one of them. But when I saw the rear with the Pace Car spoiler, it made the world of a difference!

My Monte, the side from the front.

Above are a few pictures that I took on May 6, 2001.