Neil's 2000 Monte Carlo SS Pace Car, 1995 Z-28, and 1967 Impala Copy
Z-28 RPO List


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Here is the RPO list for my Camaro. This list is found inside the glove box on the 1995 Camaro, but i think after 1997 they are inside the door jam.

AH3 4-Way Manually Adjustable Driver Seat
AK5 Front Driver/Passenger Airbags
AR9 Front Bucket Seats, European Style, Passenger and Driver Reclining
AU0 Remote Door Entry
AU3 Power Door Locks
A31 Power Windows
A90 Power Hatch
B35 Carpeted Rear Floor Mats
B84 Side Molding
CC1 T-Tops
C49 Rear Defogger
C60 Air Conditioning
DE4 T-Tops Sunshade
DG7 Power Mirrors
DL5 Roadside Service Decal
D82 Paint Special
FE2 R&H Touring Suspension
FE9 Federal Emissions Certification
GU6 3.42 Axle Ratio
G80 Limited Slip Differential
IP2 Interior Design Trim
J1F Brake Provision Special To Suit Foreign Regulation
J65 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
KC4 Engine Oil Cooler
KG9 140 Amp Alternator
K34 Cruise Control
LT1 5.7 Liter SFI Engine
MM6 Manual Trans 6-Speed Borg-Warner 85mm, 2.66 1st, 0.50 6th
MN6 6-Speed Manual Transmission (Merchandising Option)
NA5 Federal Emission System, Tier, O
NP5 Leather Steering Wheel
N96 16X8 Cast Aluminum Wheels
QLC 245/50ZR Eagle GS-C
R7A Control, Sales Item No. 26
R9Z Control, Sales Item No.100
STE ST. Therese GM Plant
T96 Fog Lamps
UB3 Instrument Cluster (Oil, Coolant, Temp, Volts, Trip, Tach)
UU8 Delco-Bose Cassette Player
U65 Speaker System, 6, Dual Front Dash Mounted, F/D, Dual Ext. Range
U73 Fixed Antenna
VK3 Front License Plate Mounting Package
VM3 5MPH Bumpers
V73 Vehicle Statement, US/Canada
Z28 Special Performance Package
1AZ Order Modification, Orders Sold
12I Interior Trim, Graphite
122 Trim Combination, Graphite Leather
13Q Molding Color, Sebring Silver Metallic
13U Primary Color, Sebring Silver Metallic
6HD Suspension- Computer Selected, Front, LH
7HD Suspension- Computer Selected, Front, RH
8TH Suspension- Computer Selected, Rear, LH
9TH Suspension- Computer Selected, Rear, RH

Like I said, if you know any of the ones I do not have, feel free to e mail me and tell me.